The IP Convergence Business Analysis service is a Custom-Based On-Demand service that focus on the Business analysis aspect of the customer requirements. This service is customized depending on the customer’s vertical market and his specific requirements. The biggest advantage of this service is its modularity and flexibility based on your real requirements.

This service can be offered on 3 models:

- Project Based Pricing

- Time Based Pricing

- Monthly Fee Service Based Pricing

Here under, we have summarised the different tasks that we can offer to our customers in the scope of their IP Convergence Strategy:

- Business Case redaction

- Functional Requirements Analysis

- Financial Analysis: Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership

- Risk Analysis

- SWOT Analysis

- Business Communication Process Review and Design

- Private Request for Proposal or Public Tender Management (Redaction, Selection Process)

- Identification of Customer Business Requirements

- Benchmarking Analysis based on Best Practice rules of the actors of the supply chain