The IP Convergence Solution Architecture service is a Custom-Based On-Demand service that focus on the Architecture definition aspect of the customer solution requirements. This service is customized depending on the customer’s vertical market and his specific solution requirements. The biggest advantage of this service is its modularity and flexibility based on your real requirements.

This service can be offered on 3 models:

- Project Based Pricing

- Time Based Pricing

- Monthly Fee Service Based Pricing

Here under, we have summarised the different tasks that we offer to our customers in the scope of the construction of their solution architecture:

- Design of a complete IPC Solution

     -Technical Solution Design (Marco Design)

     -Operational Model Design (In, Out or Co Sourcing)

     -Service Delivery Design (SLA Installation, SLA Support)

     -Financial Solution Design (CAPEX,OPEX: Budgeting)

     -Selection of the Best Partners

- Translation of Business Requirements in Technical Solution

- Technology Best Practices rules recommendation on IPC solutions

- Customer Technology Audit/Site Survey (Technology Readiness)

- Proof of Concept Design